The history of our company is traced back to 1979, when the Al Qaisi Group was founded as a small and humble establishment. Middle East Real Estate came into its being when initially Mr. Salem Ahmed Al Qaisi spotted a gap in the market where there were no other professional real estate companies operating in the UAE. Then in 1990, Middle East Real Estate was Established.


Tie Emirates Company was established in 1988 as an inevitable outcome of the progress witnessed by the Emirate of Dubai and a market gap for a company specialized in the management of hotels, projects, and companies. The company made gigantic leaps in its scope of activities. Today, it manages big number of leading restaurants and companies.


Al Qaisi Group since its foundation is a well-trusted establishment due to its high professionalism, dedication and business transparency of the founder - Mr. Salem Ahmed Al Qaisi. Due to high trust, Middle East Real Estate started to provide efficient services to a large number of leading institutions and companies as well as to landlords and business communities in the UAE.


Computer Plaza Company was established in 1993 with the objective of managing and housing one of the biggest complexes specialized in modern technologies and IT products. The complex comprises of 60 showrooms specialized in selling computers, accessories and programs in addition  to a range of mobile phones and camera shops.


In the chain of establishment of successful companies, in 1999 has been opened the restaurant Rawabina in a prime area of Dubai. Rawabina stands out as a popular stopover for all nationalities. It has been a melting point of various cultures since its inception.


With the progress and transformation of towns to modern cities and their lifestyles, buildings have acquired various new functions. They become full-fledged complexes housing hundreds or thousands of residents and visitors. There has been an urgent need for companies specialized in the security of various buildings and projects, which efficiently carry out their duties without affecting the smoothness and ease movement of business, and allow the owners or directors of managing companies of such buildings to fully carry out their duties away from the fear of security. Based on these facts in 2000 was established Middle East Building Security Company that seeks to provide top quality security services.


In 2001 was established in Dubai Dead Sea Gifts Company with the objective of availing of the precious Dead Sea treasures and developing them into cosmetics products that are characterized by being easy to use in anywhere in the world. The Dead Sea Treasures are exclusive beauty products that manufactured in limited quantity to be more available to the elite class.


To take advantage of the opportunities of rapidly growing economy of West Asian region, in 2006 was established Royalmex Company. It has a focus on marketing engineering, steel, IT, Electronic products and services.              


In 2011 has been established MEMC – Middle East Maintenance and Cleaning Company. MEMC has multicultural responsible workforce that is committed to the environment while providing excellent and sustainable cleaning services to its esteemed clients. MEMC take pride in cleaning huge number of residential buildings; high rise towers, sports complexes, shopping malls, hospitals, clinics, institutes, hotels and restaurants etc.


In upcoming prospects, high global attraction and fast developing environment of UAE, Middle East Real Estate officially initiated the brokerage activity in the wide range of its services.                

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