Property Management

Real estate is a liquid asset that requires proactive and strategic management to have maximized returns. Our property management functions serve the entire spectrum of commercial and residential properties, such as: apartments, villas, shops, retails, offices, warehouses, labor camps, manufacturing units and more. Our professionals ensure that your property is well maintained and the tenants are satisfied at all times. Our property management professionals will assist you to develop the real estate strategies for the short, medium and long-term investment goals. In property management service we include full management of your property. As tenants expect and demand services to be available 24 hours a day, our maintenance coordinators are on duties all day long.

We can review your real estate portfolio in details and develop an outstanding performance improving strategy. We guarantee that you receive bespoke services from us at all the times along with a great value and high returns.In general we will cover all processes:

  1. Property Marketing & Listing;
  2. Tenant Selection;
  3. Viewing Arrangement;
  4. Legal Documentation and Contract;
  5. Property Inspection;
  6. Key Handover;
  7. Administration Registration: Ejari, DEWA;
  8. Rental Collection;
  9. Financial Reporting;
  10. Complain and Query Management;
  11. Property Maintenance;
  12. Contract Renewal and Property Inspection;

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